Legal proceedings are big on pockets, and can cost a fortune if you do not have a genuine and expert lawyer. Legal Yaar helps you find a perfect fit for your case - Trusted & Verified. Here at Legal Yaar, we are your family lawyers. Give us your case details, and we will take care of the rest.

Start Ups

Starting a venture is not an easy game, compliances makes it more complex. Legal Yaar help start-us by taking care of all the incorporation, taxation, licensing, pre-valuations, business plans compliances and more, so they can focus on their business.


A company has a lot to handle and legal compliances take a back stage, which is fatal to any and every business. To enable companies to work in a healthy ecosystem, we provide all kind of legal and advisory service. The headache of meeting your compliances is on us, the relief and saved time, yours.


Building client base and managing cases is what kills the productivity of lawyers, not any more. We have a case management solution to help you digitalize your practice, and a team that get you more business. Spend more time practicing, less time managing.

About Legal Yaar

Legal Yaar commits to stand for you, by you and with you to help you gain more trust in Legal and company related proceedings by adhering to the rules set by our constitution and company law. We offer a robust and effective solution that is just what you have always aspired for.

We also commit to providing justice to even the lowest sections of our society who are most vulnerable to abuse and to help organizations which are startups to attain a smooth company formation or established companies to acquire prestigious certifications.

  • Vision
    Our vision is to create a legal and advisory system where individuals will not abstain from taking a legal action and will have absolutely no worries in seeking legal advice. We strive to achieve this by providing a technology driven and effective advice at your fingertips, through a nationwide network of panel lawyers and professional advisors.
  • Philosophy
    We at Legal Yaar hold the philosophy that each individual and organization shall be given accurate guidance and professional advice to manage any legal action and to bring them a positive outcome. Also, we honestly intend to enhance legal quotient of each and every individual who comes to us by giving them advice that is prompt, constructive and unbiased.
  • Future
    Legal Yaar is a company which has realistic plans of the future ahead and has an honest intention of spreading its wings to even the remotest corner of India, and not only this, we foresee a future, where Legal Yaar will be serving the NRI section of our society, hence establishing its foothold abroad.
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